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Providing the Energy Needed for Sustained Physical Effort
To ensure good performance when required to make physical effort, a dog needs energy sources suited to the different types of activity. 

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 Cynotechnique Energy 4800, which contains 30% fat, provides rapidly assimilated energy in a highly concentrate diet.Supporting Natural Defenses.

Long periods of work stimulate a dog’s immune defense system and depletes its body of antioxidants, making it more vulnerable to free radicals and cellular damage (oxidation stress). Cynotechnique Energy 4800 contains a synergistic complex of high doses of Vitamins E &C, Taurine, and Lutein combined with MOS to combat the effects of cell oxidation and to strengthen natural defenses.

Ensuring Maximum Digestive Safety

Physical activity is a strain on a dog’s digestive system and may even cause diarrhea due to stress during periods of intense activity. Feeding the right diet is essential to maximize your dog’s performance and enable it to recover as quickly as possible. Cynotechnique Energy 4800, with a combination of FOS, Psyllium and Beet Pulp, regulates the intestinal flora and ensures maximum digestive safety.

For a Natural Defense System Subjected to Severe Strain

Dogs, with their boundless energy outdoors, put their bodies under considerable strain. Their natural defenses, such as immune defense system, skin, hair and intestinal mucous membrane may also undergo strain from stress, changes in temperature, injuries, etc. IMMUNITY PROGRAM is a new way of building strong natural defenses.


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